The Power of a Community

I am a Vipassana meditator.

Whenever I practice it in the mornings, I feel sleepy.

I used to feel guilty and low when I would experience drowziness.

One message changed this for me.

On a Vipassana Status Group 3 people jokingly posted how they slept and meditated in the morning.

Then I realised it’s normal for one to experience this.

The fact that we sometimes hold perfectionist standards to our efforts – themselves become the deterrents to our own progress and success.

It was only because I had that support group was I able to accept it.

The journey towards self love and acceptance does not have to be lonely.

We are the ones who need to walk on that path. But it does not mean we are alone.

We can walk together. We can take help. We can fall. We can slow down. We can even take a step back or a deviation.

But all that’s necessary and important is, it is going to be us, who needs to be taking those steps – whether we crawl, walk, jog or run.

But it’s gotta be us.

And because I felt accepted and supported for an act of under-perfectionism, I started appreciating myeself for at least putting that effort.

THAT is the power of a community.

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