I grew up hearing these 3 magical words. My parents were the ones to always say this to me.

They would say it because after marriage, they dedicated their years to their family. They did not and could not live their life.

Having lived through it, they did not want their children to have the same regret.

When you hear the words, live your life, it means go all out, go all crazy. Go mad.

And I did that.

Without questioning any desire, or thought that came to my mind – I followed it.

I did it all. While my parents did not like or approve of a lot of things I did and they way I lived life, somewhere now I realise it was them who built this mindset for me.

And that’s why I ended up becoming a person like that.

So it’s true it is our parents who make us for a large part of life. Of course, living with my parents I never really grew up or adulted. The same lifestyle continued.

As I am 27 years old now. I get it that living my life does not mean just going out and partying and stuff.

What it really means in the best way. Is to live “Your” life.

It is not necessary you party. It is not necessary you drink or you don’t.

It is necessary you find yourself.

It is necessary you be in touch with yourself. Constantly.

And you figure out what is it that is the most important for you.

I never wanted to live a life of regret. And I know the only thing I can regret right now are to not focus on my health and career. And to have some close friends. Somewhere in my mind my focus was on quantity of friendships.

I do not live my life based on what I want to do now. I live it based on what will I regret or not regret 5 years down the line.

While it’s important to not want to have regrets – it’s also equally important to live in the now. There is no point in just clicking photographs. The point of pictures is to capture a memory. And not end up creating a memory of only clicking pictures.

The final message I want to leave you with is – live “your” life.

Define it.

Keep redefining it.

And keep living!

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