About this Blog

What is this all about, you wonder right?

Well first of all, welcome to my blog 🙂

How was this blog born?

It was born out of darkness. (Hey don’t get dirty now)

I got married. Realised I was way too naive for the family I got married into. Found myself being taken advantage of. Figured I do not have sufficient systems built in me to tackle that shit. Neither did I have people to give me tactics.

What does one do in a situation like this?


And guess what? I could not find a one-place resource which seemed trustworthy for women to navigate post-marriage challenges.

Hence, came the decision to bring this blog to LIFE.

To share my journey from being a bubbly girl to a mature woman.

But why should you read it?

Read it if it makes you happy. Read it if it feels relatable. Read it if is gives you hope or solutions to your problems.

Why am I writing this?

Apart from what you read in the first section – I have a deeper reason for writing this blog.

Ever since a child, I HATED discrimination against women. I hated the fact that the behaviour towards men and women was different.

And I had all these feelings despite being treated without much difference. But just seeing the partiality around me would drive me crazy. Anger me.

I am well aware patriarchy exists all around the world. But I also know it exists much more extensively here in India.

Well, I don’t have any other way of making a difference. So this is just my simple attempt at putting out my thoughts into words. To help me become and stay strong. And to empower women across India to do the same.

To share more about why I want to take this initiative forward:

I saw a social media post about the fundamentals of success. It spoke about:

  1. Building a daily routine
  2. Focusing on health and work in a day.
  3. Allocating time for workout and deep work.

But my question is, as an Indian woman, how can I have deep work? Unless of course I sleep at 1 am and wake up at 5am.

It’s not easy.

We know men and women are made differently. I also believe the challenges women face are way different from what men face.

And hey – to all the “men rights activists” – I am not saying men DON’T face challenges. What I am saying is, the challenges women face are DIFFERENT. Every god damn thing comes with pros and cons.

So of course, no gender, race, caste, creed is spared from struggles. But my blog is uniquely aimed at sharing stories which relate to women.

Coming back – since the struggles of women are different from that of men. And the struggles of Indian women are different from those of men.

My singular motive from this blog is to educate, inform and empower the Indian Women of the 21st century.

There are a lot of inspirational women around – who have gotten it right.

I am on the journey of getting it right. Setting it right and making it big.

It’s my promise to myself to build my life and to have it the way I want it.

Because of the conditioning we have, the above may sound like a negative statement. But how silly right?

A human being saying I want to live a life the way I want – is taken as a negative thing. To think of it, it’s funny how baseless this statement sounds. But the grace reality is, lakhs and lakhs of women, are living their lives by this imaginary limit.

I am too.

But I know I am bound to succeed. And come join me.

Be a part of this journey – where together we can learn how to know who we are, become better at what we can, gracefully accept and be okay to work on our flaws and live the life we are destined to live.

This is for all those women who think they are naïve like me. Who want to invest their time in their career, love and family. But having a balanced life. And that balance being defined by them and not for them.

Signing off.

A 27 year old who wants to make a dent in the universe before she dies.